Tuesday, 9 July 2013

You have done the big chop - Now what?????????

So, you've bitten the bullet and you have chopped off all your permed hair...now what? You have this 'untamed forest' on your head and you don't know what to do with it or even how to begin in the first place...Worst of all, you are in LAGOS...Lagos, not London, not America, not Canada....but in LAGOS! Where do you get reasonably priced products from to work with your hair in Lagos? Very good question.

Here are some pocket friendly products that you should have in your hair bag:

You can get all of these products in Lagos. Many pharmacies and cosmetic shops carry them.


  1. funmilayo Abiola9 July 2013 at 16:09

    mosh, these products you are using are okay, but let me introduce you to the koko of caring for your natural hair. First, make sure your shampoo is sulphate free as sulphate is too strong and harsh for your natural hair. a good sulphate free shampoo is the loreal one, cheap and cheerful and also very available in lagos. then, your conditioner. i just did the big chop in feb, as in really really low and i find that short of spraying my hair with water 10 times a day, i still find its sooo hard, so use herbal essence hello hydration conditioner....it makes my hair soooo soft. then as a leave in, i use Giovanni leave in conditioner. i swear by this cause if this can get amirah's hair to not look and feel so dry, then its a miracle .
    also, my coconut oil(aid agbon) and my shea butter ori) and my virgin olive oil (the cooking oil) mixture is a life saver too. spray water on your hair add the oils and you are good to go. i prefer the local coconut oil and shea butter to the packaged ones.
    I hope this helps

    But you have to help me with hair styles, thats what am lost on. i love your hair styles

  2. Thanks a lot for these options, Funmi.
    Yes, sulphate free shampoo is the best but I find that the creamy aloe shampoo really softens my hair.
    Moisture, moisture and more moisture is the watch word. Do you deep condition a lot? This helps to keep my hair soft. Do you mix the oils and water and leave in conditioner in the same spray bottle? You should instead of using them separately. It helps to seal in the moisture. So ladies, let's try these ones she swear by as well and give feedback. I used to be a product junkie and would buy all sorts of products until I found out that all the things I really need are natural oils and water!
    Are you sure some of those products are cheap and cheerful though? Lol!
    Funmi, I can hook you up with someone who can do some nice styles for you and then you can keep trying to style in different ways.