Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Early Days – Give it some time.

I know that there are many naturalistas out there who think that their hair is nasty. Now that there are no more chemicals, you think it looks ugly because your hair is no longer  straight neither is it curly so it kind of looks like it has no shape and form…well, I want to tell you to give it some time.

When I first began my natural hair journey, it felt this way as well. I was very sceptical and self-conscious because I didn't know how people were going to receive me and my new look. I had to watch over a hundred thousand you tube videos of other people’s journeys and experiences with embracing their natural hair. You can ask my hubby, I was obsessed! This habit gave me a lot of confidence and I saw myself doing it. I also invested in quirky hair accessories and earrings to give myself a lift, just in case the hair was totally wrong, at least I would have something to work with, or so I imagined.

Anyway, I got mixed reviews from different people. There was one particular day; I woke up 20 minutes earlier than normal just to style my hair. I had washed it the night before and sprayed it with coconut oil, olive oil and water and twisted my strands into about 10 parts, hoping to get a fabulous twist out with some definition. So here I was 20 minutes early just so I could loosen the twists. I sprayed the hair that morning with my mix and took out the twist. I was very happy and excited about what I had achieved and finished my look off with a bright blue hair band. My husband told me my hair looked nice and I skipped off happily to work.

As I drove into the car park, the first person I came across was some guy who was the systems administrator at that time.  He waited for me while I parked my car. I strolled over to him, smiling. As soon as he saw me, he raised  up his hands and said… ‘Mosh, your hair looks so untidy!!! Is that how you are going to look all day????’……………….

I was so pissed off! He deflated me right there and then. I didn't ask for his opinion but he gave it anyway. My bounce became a shuffle. I was very unhappy and it affected my mood all day. I just decided to zone out and I didn't look into any mirror at all that day. However, today, he is one of my admirers. Now, he thinks my hair is beautiful and extremely cool. He is even of the opinion that black women need to embrace their natural hair.

My point is that you need to stick with it. It may seem horrible at first but that’s only because you are not used to it. It’s new so it is bound to feel unfamiliar and make you feel unsure but hang in there. Educate yourself about your hair, keep trying different things. Compensate with make up and accessories if it makes you feel better. But just keep at it. It will get better and better, I promise.

Here are some pictures of my early days.

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