Tuesday, 2 July 2013

African American Hair and Black African Hair??

I am of the opinion that African american hair is not the same thing as black african hair...never mind the 4c and b and all that malarkey...not that i am saying that it is rubbish. Let me ask you a question, have you seen, lets say, a Nigerian girl with 3c or 4c hair or as a Nigerian girl with natural hair, have you ever taken a few strands of hair and wet them and they curled up prettily?...Honestly....then you will know what I am talking about.
The texture of our hair is quite different. For example, my hair is very kinky and coily. It experiences mega shrinkage when wet. In addition, if I just add product to my hair without flat twisting or braiding, I definitely will not see any curl pattern...hence my conclusion that African american natural hair and black African natural hair...are not the same.
Before you crucify my, I know that generally, no two hair textures are the same...nevertheless African american natural hair is not the same as black african hair....


  1. I so agree with this... I've tried some many things and i end up getting frustrated when it doesn't work. I'm learning to understand my hair myself cos unfortunately a lot of hair dressers aren't interested in natural hair and to be honest I'm happy with that because nothing is worse than bad advise. So my motto on my hair is you are what eat because its what I feed it that gives it the results I'm getting and I'm loving it so much...

  2. We need to be educated more on this issue of hair types/textures. This is the first time I am learning of this. Ignorance of this is what makes us want to treat our hair how other races their their own hair. Maybe you should do a full write-up on this aspect of hair.

  3. Mosh i can't agree with you more! That is why i cannot overemphasize how important i think your blog is and how much i appreciate it. In my opinion, Nigerian hair is even different from other black African hair. So many things influence our hair texture. Weather, humidity, pollutants etc.... I totally agree with you Mosh