Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Versatility of mini twists.

I find that my hair is easier to manage when it is in mini twists.
I get the twists done by twisting straight from the roots up.
The thing about mini twists is that not only is your hair protected,  you can keep them in for a long time and most importantly,  your styling options are unlimited. 
There are different ways to wear the mini twists. 
You can leave them hanging,  you can push them backwards using different kinds of head bands, you can pin down the front and keep the back hanging and what I love most. can do a myriad of updos no matter the length of your hair.  You can achieve different kinds of looks with Updos.
You also have the option of curling your twists to give them another look.

Some benefits of mini twists include the following:
It helps your hair to retain length.
Can be considered a protective style.
Once installed, it reduces the amount of manipulation you put your hair through over time.
Makes it easy to get out of the house in the morning – Very quick styling since your hair is really already done.
Brings out your creative side when it comes to styling the updos.

After exhausting all your styling options,you can then take out the twists to produce a bad ass twist out which can last for days as the curls will be very defined because of the mini twists.

Why not try twists today?

Finally,  here are some pictures of my mini twists.

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Enjoy! !


  1. Lovely......very inspiring. I'm on the transition mode as well. I hope mine works out perfectly well.

  2. Thank you Sera. I'm sure your journey will be beautiful as you keep keeping on. Remember that you will have some good days and some very bad hair days as well, lol! Please keep us posted. We will love to share your journey with you. You can reach me at

  3. Do these twists involve extensions or is it all your hair?

  4. Hello Titi. Thank you for leaving a comment. Yes, it is all my hair. The stylist has to make the parts really small to achieve volume and I find out that the older it gets, the fuller it becomes.