Saturday, 6 July 2013

Deep conditioning.

I apologise for my last post being incomplete.

In continuation:

Always comb your hair wet as it will not hurt you in this way. You must have a spray bottle on hand always to mix up your 'hair potions' as you will need to use this regularly.

Let's talk about deep conditioning. Truth is that there are many ways to deep condition your hair but this is the method that has worked for me. I used to be a product junky until I found out that all I need really is a few oils, water and maybe some extra products.You know how difficult and expensive getting products in Lagos can be!!!
So for a cost effective deep conditioning, this is what I do.
After shampooing my hair, (I love Organic Root Stimulator Creamy Aloe Shampoo), I mix a deep conditioner, (I like Organic Roots Stimulator's or Organics Africa's best deep conditioner) with hair mayonnaise and coconut oil in a container and apply this mix into my hair.
I then 'calaborise' (individual plaits), my hair in about 10 parts while my mixture is in and cover with a shower cap.I find that when my hair is in this plaits, it is much easier to manage and I get less tangling and hardly any breakage when I unravel.
After about an hour, I rinse out with warm water and my hair is soft and shiny...perfect.

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