Monday, 1 July 2013

Hair speaks

Hiya folks....should have done this a long time ago!  I am a Nigerian girl who started this natural journey over 3 years ago!  A lot has happened in my journey along and I will fill you in as I go along as my experiences may help someone else as I have been helped along the way.  So.... watch this space!


  1. This is great Mosh! I attempted natural hair for some time, but could not cope with the pain and agony that came with it. i did not know what to do with the hair, neither did I know about any products. Each time i remove my braids, I end up in so much anguish.

    I am still interested in my natural hair and would appreciate any help to achieve a supple, tangle free and healthy natural hair. Though I have my perms on now, but I am willing to transition ASAP. God bless

  2. Hello S. Kemi! Great to know that you are still interested. Please give it another go. happened to me as well. When I first began I didn't know how to manage my hair and I went back to a perm. Thing is that you have to stop covering your hair up and embrace it as that's the only way you would understand it. There are so many styles to try and I can hook you up with someone who can do your hair.
    To start your transition, stop using relaxers. You can cover up your hair in braids, afro kinky, etc but make sure that whenever your hair is out, always deep condition to manage the two textures until you are ready to do the big chop.