Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Is Hair in the same category as Clothes?

There is this argument that I usually have with my sister, once in a while. She is one person who loves to wear 'Brazilian hair' weaves. I can count the number of times I have actually seen her hair and she is my sister.
 Anyways, the conversation usually goes like this.:
Me:                 You are such a fake girl, why must you always cover your hair?
Sister:              It looks nicer when I have a weave and I don't have time to start combing my hair or touching up my relaxer.
Me:                 Why can't you just embrace the way your hair grows out of your scalp? Isn't that the way      God created your hair?
Sister:             Get lost joo! Why do you wear clothes? Didn't God create us naked? So why don't you walk around naked as you were created? Please leave me alone, you do you and I'll do me!

And it goes on and on and then we just laugh it off.

Truth is that it is not the same thing. Is one's hair in the same category as one's clothes? Should you change your hair like you change your clothes? Note, that I did not say hair style but hair itself!

People, we need to ponder on some of these things.

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