Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hair Speaks....

Growing natural hair is a process. To come to a place where how sleek and long your hair looks not mattering to you. 
People look at me strangely, like I have lost the plot, however, they don't realise that I am just finding it. 
Natural hair frees you up to be yourself without thinking bout what the world expects and wants from you. You end up breaking out of the box that we as black women have been placed on.
The box says that flat and smooth edges are cool and sophisticated. The box says thAt the longer your weave is, the higher up society you are. The box says that to be pretty, your hair needs to be straight. It also says that if you have 'unpermed' hair then you are stuck in a time and are a simple minded fool. 
In reality, this is not the case.

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  1. To me natural hair looks very nice and makes us look truly African rather than 'mixed breed'. The challenge used to be how to manage it but now that there are different ways of managing our natural hair, it is actually something to look forward to. Takes a lot of commitment and discipline though but it pays off. Thanks to initiatives such as this.