Sunday, 4 August 2013

 I totally adore updos and I like to try my hands on different styles. 

  The beautiful thing about an updo is that you can create one with anything. long as you have some hair on your head.  Yes! Even with short hair,  you can create some kind of updo.

What is an updo anyway? 

Personally and simply put, it is when you create a style pushing all or most of your hair to the top and centre of your head and creating different kinds of styles with your hair placed at the top of your head.
Updos accentuate different looks and you can rock one for many different reasons.

Rock an updo.....
* when you have had twists installed and are tired of leaving them hanging down
*when your hair refuses to obey you and is getting on your last nerve
*when you have that fab wedding/event and what to look all elegant and glam
* when you are in a quick hurry and don't have time for any major styling
* when you want to protect your ends from the elements
*when you have some new or interesting hair accessory that you have been looking to rock
*when you are having a bad hair day and trust me,  there are many days like that
...bottom line is that there is always a reason to rock an up do.

All you need are:
♡ loads and loads and loads and loads of hair pins at your disposal. ..I mean loads!!! Lol.
♡lots of creativity and imagination
♡a mirror
and you are good to go.

Here are some pictures of updos I have tried along the way.  
What about you? Have you tried an updo? Kindly send us some pictures of the styles you have achieved

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  1. LUR-VA-LY!!!! Quite inspiring.
    Good stuff