Sunday, 21 September 2014

Natural careful!

I know it's been a long time since you heard from me. Been really busy!! The salon has kicked off well and we will soon be clocking a year!!! How time flies!
So, I have this friend/customer and she comes to me crying about this 'hair emergency'.
She tells me with excitement about this fab "natural hair group" that teaches her so many things. That's great, right? 
Next thing she tells me about how someone in the group said that you could get straight hair which would look relaxed by applying a concoction of ...listen to this... Of avocado, lemon and a full cup of vegetable oil, whipped together and it would get her hair bone straight!!!! 
So, foolishly, she applied the mix and guess what happened?? 
Her hair was clumpy and smelt like fried plantains and it was still as kinky as ever! 
I was kind of surprised that she would believe such rubbish!! Vegetable oil??? Straight natural hair???? Nawa!
Of course we had to do a good clarifying wash and a deep deep conditioning to get rid of the mess.

In the end, although it is good to try new things and learn about natural ways to manage your hair, you have to be careful! 
Do your research yourself, learn for yourself. Don't just take what any Tom, Dick and Harry says just because!!!
Let's learn to research and do sensible things!
Have a nice week ahead!

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  1. " . . . smelled like friend plantain." LOL!!!