Sunday, 15 September 2013

I want to go natural...please help me!

I get people asking this question all the time, so I have decided to write a post about it.

 Are you tired of the creamy crack (relaxer)? Is your hair fast thinning out. Has all your hair "chopped" in the front, making you look like 'mama Iyabo'? Or are you just plain tired of your hair and want to try something else?
 Has the thought of going natural crossed your mind recently?

Well, congratulations!  I think that you would be making a good decision. 
So if you really want to consider transitioning to natural hair, here are some ideas that helped me along on my journey and may also help you as well.

First things first, no more relaxer!! Take that phenomenon out of your mind and off your shelf! You need to retrain your mind.

Now,you will then find out that you will begin to manage two different textures in your hair so you need to be thinking about how to make the combo manageable.

The next step is to deep condition your hair as often as you can so that the two textures do not cause you any headaches as you would have straightened hair at the tips and natural hair at the roots and the pont at which they meet can be difficult to manage which could result in your hair breaking off.

You also need to start trying other kinds of styles that may not necessarily involve extensions. Styles that will protect your hair while you are transitioning. If you are going to use extensions, it may be wise to use something that can work with the two textures in your hair ie kinky braids etc. however, whatever you decide to do, you must still be moisturising your hair and scalp even while in braids, plaits, twists or any other style. Notice how I have not mentioned a weave or a wig, lol!

Thing is that if you really want to go natural, you will have to be brave enough to wear your hair loose and not hide it under anything. Embrace your hair so that you can understand it better and begin to know what works for your hair and how to manage it. Be edgy, try things like Bantu knots, twists, rod sets, straw sets, cornrows and twists, twist outs etc.

You will need to invest in products that moisturise, deep condition and masque your hair. Also, natural oils need to be your friend. Oils like coconut, castor, avocado, olive, sweet almond oil.

Take it one day as it comes and when you feel ready, then you can do your big chop and begin your journey. In the meantime, keep researching and finding the things that you need to know about embracing your natural hair.

I can tell you that it is an exciting journey, you will have some high moments and some very low ones but don't give up. Ignore all those stereotypical people and try it. You will be glad you did.

Please share your experiences with us.
Have a fabulous week ahead. 

Remember, Love Your Roots!!!!

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